The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Software
What is an enterprise software is all about, what are the different types of enterprise software and how they differ from other software. Dive into this guide to know it all about enterprise software.
6 min read
Editor's Pick
Design Audit: What It’s All About and Why You Need It
A design audit ensures that the brand is expressing itself consistently on all the different channels where it engages in customer outreach. The more predictable and consistent the user experience, the likelier you are to build trust with your audience.
6 min read
The Biggest Problems With Enterprise Collaboration Platforms, And How You Can Fix It
Enterprise collaboration platforms are no longer a choice but there’s a fine line where the tool stops building productivity and becomes an inconvenience. Read to know the problems with collaboration platforms and how to solve them.
6 min read
E-commerce: Expectation vs. Reality
E-commerce is no longer a new, revolutionary trend. It is fast becoming a fact of life. In fact, global online sales reached $3 trillion in 2018. This means that the share of online
6 min read
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Top 5 Flock Alternatives
Flock is one of the best team communication & collaboration platform but there are many alternatives of which the top 5 are listed in this blog.
5 min read
The Next Big Thing In Contract Management Software
Contracts are the bedrock of modern civilization in many ways. From simple vendor-client relationships to nuclear agreements between countries, everything is bound by legal contracts.However, despite the fact that contracts are so
6 min read
Fin-tech & AMP; Blockchain Security: Startups That Are Coming Up
Read about the newest ideas in the start-up business which integrate Fintech and blockchain security. Learn about the best suggestions for developing your start-up with the hottest trends in the market.
3 min read
Customer Stories
How we helped Aditya Birla Capital Re-brand their 13 Lines of Businesses
Duration: 7 Months | Team Size: 11 | Project Link here Key Outcomes Modern, sleek and attractive public sites to attract more users Customer Oriented Product segmentation Single Sign-on to enable Central CRM for contextual
1 min read
How we built Career Assessment and Guiding platform for Samcara
Duration: 3 Months | Team size: 3 | Project Link here Key Outcomes Designed algorithms to study individual behavior, preferences and aptitude to generate a detailed analysis of user’s skills and personality. Planned digital
1 min read
How we built the world's first Homeschooling network for Fashco LLC
Duration: 16 Months | Team size: 4 | Project Link here Key Outcomes Built features like chat, Lesson planning, analytics and calendar. Community of homeschoolers for connecting, communicating and collaborating with other parents. Budgeting tool
1 min read

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